Bitzerk provides technical consulting services to boost your productivity.

Give your bottom line that significant boost by choosing Bitzerk for your web development, workflow automation, and technical consulting needs. Based in West Michigan.

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Services Offered

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Automation Service

Save time by eliminating your repetitive tasks.

Project Management

Your projects expertly planned, prioritized, and executed.

Web Development Service

Build your dream website or application, fully managed.

Why Choose Bitzerk?

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  • Value-First Approach

    We only propose solutions which add clear, calculated value to your business.

  • Minimalist Mindset

    We believe the less tools you have, the better. The best solutions do exactly what you need - no more and no less.

  • Problem First, Solution Second

    We deeply study your problem before proposing any solution, ensuring the right problem is being solved at the right time.

Recent Projects

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Featured Case Studies

Discover how Bitzerk helped past clients.

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Furniture Company Sees 600% Output Gain with BOM Web Service

Industry: Manufacturing

After embracing a new bill of materials (BOM) web service, Brandon and Jen from SAFFE Furniture experience a 600% increase in ordering output efficiency - leaving their old ordering process behind.

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Recruiters Save 97% in Zap Costs with Optimization

Industry: Recruiting

With a Zapier zap hogging all of their billing bandwidth, Creative Alignments recruiting firm consults with Bitzerk, dropping their Zap's costs down by 97%.

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Brandon Gerard

SAFFE Furniture - CEO

"Bitzerk has been amazing and has helped our Company – SAFFE Furniture grow tremendously with Information Technology. Bitzerk has worked with us to better support our customers and manage our organization."

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