A web and software development company on a radical mission.

Bitzerk is a West Michigan software and web development consulting business with an edge in workflow automation and software integrations.

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Bitzerk's Mission Statement

"Guiding others towards an ultimate freedom of time, by implementing profound technical solutions, through a deep understanding of the customer's problem at hand."

About the Brand

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Who We Help

Bitzerk helps small to medium size businesses who are currently confronting a time and/or scalability problem.

The Culprit

Low-value distractions, coupled with repetitive and time-consuming tasks.

The Solution

Make more time available throughout the work day for clients, through the power of web automation and other software solutions.

Bitzerk’s Mission

Bitzerk’s goal is to help your business increase its bottom line by hyper-optimizing your workflows and processes. We help clients harness the power of web automation and other software solutions, freeing them from time-bound problems and unlocking the ability for exponential growth.

About the Owner

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My name Jon and am the owner of Bitzerk LLC. I am a full stack web developer with over a decade of experience in the web and technology sector. I have (quite literally), been in technology my whole adult life. Here is a little blurb about my background.

At age 17, I enlisted in the Air Force NG and honorably served as a server and systems security administrator for 8 years. During this time, I was blessed to be given an opportunity to serve overseas on mission for a 7 month tour. Even though this was a difficult time in my life, it was also the most rewarding. Serving overseas has taught me the priceless value of time, especially when it comes to sharing it with our loved ones and family. Knowing this, it has been an honor using my technological skill set to help others free-up their own time. This is why I created Bitzerk and it’s mission.

I attended Illinois State University, and in 2016 I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science. Throughout my years in college, I specialized towards software engineering and web development.

I currently live in West Michigan with my wife and family. I am addicted to solving various technological problems - so if I’m not working on a client’s project, then I’m usually hacking my desktop at home, programming some side-project, or playing around in the crypto world.

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