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Software problems? We can help! Switching to Zoho has solved many past problems for our clients. As an authorized Zoho partner, we have experience ranging from integrations, migrations, and automation.

Zoho Deluge Services

Custom Zoho Programs, Zoho Scripting Service, Business Logic, Automation Services

Zoho Books Services

Migrations, Configurations, Automations, Integrations, Account Setup

Zoho CRM Services

Migrations, Configurations, Automations, Integrations, Account Setup

Zoho Deluge Services

Custom code programmed directly into your Zoho software

There’s nothing more frustrating than investing in a software product, just to later discover you’re missing a critical feature. Perhaps your accounting system can’t connect to Google Sheets to report live data, or your CRM doesn’t support reports to be automatically emailed. Depending how big the problem, you may be forced to look for new software.

This is why we love Deluge. Deluge gives Zoho customers the power and flexibility to “inject custom code” directly into Zoho. Need Zoho Books to submit data to a Google Sheet? No problem. What about Zoho CRM sending a report email to exactly five people at the click of a button? Easy! Well, maybe not “easy” (if you’re not a Deluge programmer) – but that’s where we come in! We have helped countless Zoho customers solve their problems by writing custom Deluge code for their unique use cases.

What problem are you currently facing with your software? Perhaps a Zoho Deluge solution is right for you!

gsheetsParamMap = {"range":"Shipping!A2:N2", "majorDimension":"ROWS", "values":gsheetsRowModel};

// Publish the Zoho SalesOrder and PurchaseOrder to Google Sheets
response = invokeurl
  type: POST
  parameters: gsheetsParamMap.toText()
  connection: "gsheets_connection"
  content-type: "application/json"

return Map({"code":0, "message":"Successfully published SalesOrder and PurchaseOrder info to Google Sheets."});

This example Deluge code adds a new row to your Google Sheet automatically, using your Zoho Sales/Purchase Order.


Zoho Books Services

User friendly accounting software with a rock-solid architecture for automations

Submitting orders shouldn’t be time consuming. Tracking inventory doesn’t have to be so hard. Do you have a painful accounting process? Do you have to perform repetitive tasks like these within your current accounting system? Maybe you’re even paying an accountant hundreds per month to conduct tasks like these over and over again. The solution? Web automation, combined with the right software and the right expertise. Predictable and repetitive tasks such as these can easily be automated (not to mention saving you hundreds per month in accounting fees).

We love Zoho Books because we believe it strikes a perfect balance between feature-richness, an exceptional user interface, and a rock-solid REST API for easy automation (not to mention native Deluge support, allowing unmatched flexibility).

Our Zoho Books services:

  • Account setup and initialization
  • Migrate to Zoho Books
  • Integrate Zoho Books with your other apps
  • Create/update/delete Zoho Books records in bulk (i.e. Bulk import 1000 new inventory items)
  • Create automated task scripts (i.e. Automatically create POs when you receive an order yourself)

Zoho CRM Services

Streamlined CRM software with a strong focus on customization

Don’t let that sales lead fall through the cracks! Poor CRM software shouldn’t be the reason you make or break your number this quarter. We believe CRM software should mold to your unique sales process, not the other way around. Coupled with quality automation, you can rest easy knowing that your sales leads are being taken care of – whether you’re around or not.

We love Zoho CRM is because of its unmatched ability to be customized (not to mention a rock solid REST API and Deluge support for easy automation).

Our Zoho CRM services:

  • Account setup and initialization
  • Migrate to Zoho CRM
  • Integrating Zoho CRM with your other apps
  • Module customizations
  • Template customizations (i.e. Quote templates, email templates, etc.)
  • Create/update/delete Zoho CRM records in bulk (i.e. Bulk import 1000 new contacts)
  • Create automated task scripts (i.e. Automatically import leads from Ad Campaign and assign to Sales Team)

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