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Host your website or service, but without the headaches. Let us take your web hosting burden, so you can focus on more important tasks.

Web Hosting Explained

What is it and why do I need it?

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What exactly is “Web Hosting”?

Web Hosting is the ongoing task of launching, monitoring, and maintaining your website or web service.

What’s wrong with other Web Hosting providers?

They’re too complicated to use. We believe that our clients should focus on managing their business, instead of wasting hours figuring out how to “edit a DNS record”, “upload images via FTP”, or “enable page caching to improve site speed”.

Why should Bitzerk be my Web Hosting provider?

We believe web hosting should be as simple as possible. Our approach is to provide the best quality hosting using cutting-edge technology, while also preserving the sanity of our clients by hiding the technical jargon.

Web Hosting Technicals

What if I want to know the technicals?

Man on laptop performing server maintenance
  • Automatically Patched

    Automatic updates are the #1 way to keep systems healthy and secure. Our patching process is robust, monitored, and fully automated - we've got you covered.

  • Custom Architecture

    Most contractors are just reselling you someone else's architecture. We use our own hand-crafted Docker and Ansible architecture for unmatched security, portability, and scalability.

  • Highly Scalable

    When the time comes to scale your website or web service, our process is simple. Through the power of docker, we spin-up new containers and load-balance when you need it.

Jon Venlet

Jon Venlet

Millennium Capital Management - Owner and President

"Jon was incredibly knowledgeable and helpful!  He came up with a solution for our issues and had it implemented in no time.  Having automated processes for our website saves us time and frustration and allows us to focus on our business."

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